by Passivists

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Recorded by Attila Borics, Máté Virágh and Passivists
Mixed by Attila Borics


released February 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Passivists Szeged, Hungary

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Track Name: Worth it?
Worth it?

Don't want a shirt
Don't want a tie
Just loud music and my fucking bike
Not a career
But my life
I wanna live like this until i die

I'm burning up inside
Won't let them take my time
I wana live, I wanna give
'cause in the end money ain't worth shit
Track Name: Veszett

Miért kell nekem,
Miért kell nekem jónak lennem?
Miért kell nekem,
Miért kell nekem mennybe mennem?
Én csak elégnék a tisztítótűzben.
A pokol passzol a lelkemhez.
Menthetetlen a lelkem,
Menthetetlen a lelkem.
Engedjetek, engedjetek el,
Engedjetek, engedjetek el!
Track Name: Later

Why did you think that it would just go away,
That somehow something or someone would save the day?
Did you care? Did you ever care?
You can't believe it. You just sit and stare
At the result and you know you played your part.
You never questioned. You were broken in form the start.
How does it feel to know you could have made a change?
How does it feel to know that you blew it away.

Can't pull the curtain. That won't help you now.
This is the end so take a bow.
Track Name: The choice
The Choice

It's not your story
It's not your life
It's not your body
You've got no right
To judge or to decide

It's about oppression
Total control
Forcing your beliefs
Leaving no space to breathe at all

It's not your body
It' not your life
Get your symbols out of my face
nothing gives you the right

Your beliefs are nothing to me
Your values are nothing to me
These rules are nothing to me
Stop forcing your authority
Track Name: Carl Zetkin
Carl Zetkin

Nem vár, nem vár rád
se dicsőség, se megbecsültség
jó magaviseletért.
Mit vártál?
Virág, jó szó, megértés
nem jár kedvességért.

Kedvesed elviszed zöldellő rétekre,
amit kér, megteszed, becsmérlőn nem illeted,
nem szidod, nem vered.

Mégis kikészítenek:
A családért vállalt teljes felelősség,
a rád kiosztott nemi szereped!
Az út végén úgyis csak
egy választásod lesz:
az infarktus vagy a májrák visz el!
Az infarktus vagy a májrák visz el!

Clara Zetkin, nincs egy bátyád?
Hol van az egyenjogúság?
Clara Zetkin, nincs egy bátyád?
Kell egy új egyenjogúság!
Track Name: Plans

Fixing your plans just won't be enought
You'll have to forget everything you were taught
Flee from sinking ships. Evacuate.
I can only hope that it's not too late

Feel the wind there's an upcoming storm
And you won't seek shelter, you just gather your gold
Have you ever thought of your life
And all the things that you'll leave behind?

As you burn faster in this constant rush
Your heart's racing and it's getting too much
When you get the chance just run and never look back
I don't want to see you turn into a wreck

The wasted time
Smiles decaying into frowns
Tired eyes
Longing for better lives

We were waiting for something to make to make it all worthwile
When we were young we just killed our time
Wanted to get over it and leave it all behind
Just to grow up and realize that growing up was a lie

Hey kid, don't make the same mistake
Start living don't waste another day
Hey kid, don't waste another day
It won't get better, there's nothing but today.
Track Name: Out of time
Out of time

Every time i think it through
I don't know what i should do
Hierarchies, absent minds
Fight this shit, bring it down

Running out of time
I'm losing my mind
It still hurts my head
To know that this world is turning dead

More weapons and more foes
pollution and oil wars
A planet full of toxic waste
Corporations seal its fate

We are running out of time
Fight the system, bring it down
Track Name: Waste of life
Waste of life

at least 8 hours a weekday, 40 hours a week
like a robot you work away, won't find the answers you seek
the explanation didn't make sense the logic was weak

Which machine are you a gear in?
in which direction are you steering?
No one can give you back the time that you lose
No one can give you back the time that you lose

Safety can't be found in a system that destroys everything
even the ones who serve it

30 years from now if you have the chance to look back what will you find?
Is it worth it? Or is it really a waste of time?
A waste of life

Nothing will give you back the time you lose
It's up to you what you do, which path you chose
Make sure it's not a waste of time
Make Sure it's not a waste of life
Track Name: Late again
Late Again

There was a punk show last night
stayed till the end cos it felt so right
didn't care about work the next day
didn't care about shit anyway

And then the morning, it wasn't mine
Killed my alarm a thousand times
the shower didn't want to let me go
so I gave in and I took it real slow

Here I am late for work again
there's a smile on my face 'cause I don't give a damn
by now you should know what a slacker I am
gettin fired from my job is my only plan

got up and played my favorite song
couldn't resist the urge was so strong
had breakfast for an hour and a half
can you imagine how good it felt?

forgot something. I should have known
I left my U-lock at home
I don't know what the next move is
but believe me I really don't give a shit

Here I am late for work again
there's a smile on my face 'cause I don't give a damn
by now you should know what a slacker I am
gettin fired from my job is my only plan

Oh, late for work again
No, I don't give a damn
Getting fired from my job is my only plan
Oh, late for work again